What to expect ...

Paint by Music is an intimate evening of art and music where no artistic ability is required. It’s all about painting how the music moves you. 


As different songs are played throughout the eventing, you will get the opportunity to paint how those songs makes you feel. Absolutely no artistic ability is required. Painting the music you hear is exactly that ... you pick the colours that the music inspires in you ... use a brush or your fingers ... there is no right or wrong way to do this. It's all about you and the music!

Music will be provided either by recording of by live musicians. Each evening will have it's own unique theme and feel to it.

All paints, paper and brushes will be supplied. There will be an opportunity to paint 3-4 paintings during the evening. Snacks, desserts and tea will also be provided.

Paint by Music is hosted by Emotions and Me and Seeing Beyond. The owners of both these businesses have a passion for art and music and using it to create health and wellness. They both have diplomas in an Art Therapy program and created Paint by Music to bring people together for a fun night out but also to support emotional health and wellness. The evening also includes an opportunity to discuss each painting and look deeper into the experience, if individuals wish to do so, because music moves us, it inspires our emotions and emotions give colour to our world. Painting by Music allows us to see what this looks like. 

Tickets available through Eventbrite or email: info@paintbymusic.ca