Featured Musician - Kaitlyn Power & Bailey Nadeen (Nov 3rd)

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

"Music has the power to heal our hurts and make the heart soar." ~ C. Knight

We are excited to announce our musical artists for November: Kaitlyn Power and Bailey Nadeen. Kaitlyn and Bailey are both good friends and talented local musicians.

Kaitlyn has been singing ever since she could talk. She remembers running around the house singing Thomas the Tank Engine songs and memorizing songs from favourite movies that she then performed for her family.

In addition to singing, in the last few year Kaitlyn has begun composing music as well. She likes to write music focusing on what she is going through at the time. She finds it a great way to work through and sort out the bumps in the road of life. " Translating what I'm feeling into art is an amazing feeling and makes me feel as if something beautiful has come out of a terrible situation," says Kaitlyn. "Music is so important to me because we, as humans, tend to feel that whatever we are feeling at certain times is unique to us and no one else could ever possibly imagine what we are going through. When you listen to a song that describes how you are feeling, in a way you never thought imaginable, it brings a level of comfort that you never knew you needed. The fact that this is universal makes it so much more amazing."

Bailey is a young singer/songwriter from Edmonton. Having started playing guitar when she was twelve, by seventeen she was playing live shows. Bailey has always been able to captivate her audience. While using a looping system on stage which records harmonies and guitar tracks live, Bailey adds a dash of flare to her music.

Bailey and Kaitlyn both play an Ed Sheeran style of music and like to keep it simple so the lyrics and emotions really stand out and aren't drowned out with background noise. They will be performing original songs written by Kaitlyn and Bailey.

Join us for an evening of painting inspired by the original lyrics of Kaitlyn Power and Bailey Nadeen:

Saturday, November 3rd

Roots on Whyte - 8135 - 102 St NW, Edmonton, AB (3rd Floor Conference Room)

Tickets are available through Eventbrite or by emailing

Investment: $75*

Music lovers age 13 to 99 are welcome to attend!

*Includes all paint supplies for 3-4 paintings, tea and snacks

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