Featured Musician - Garret James (Dec 8th)

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

There's magic in old giving way to new and then new becoming classic.

Garret James' music has the same allure as the changing of the seasons. There's magic in old giving way to new and then new becoming classic.  This multi-instrumentalist's music unfurls with a fresh and colourful optimism from the heart's dark and timeless ruminations.  Honest and vulnerable, Garret's voice is laced with a deep resonance which pays homage to the weight of his lyrics. Refusing to linger on the grey, the musical riffs on Monkey Love build, and emerge, finally, triumphant. "'It's one in a million take that chance, got to fight to live got to see you dance." Revelling in a wide musical landscape, Garret stays true to his Rock and Roll footings, but, by seeding his tunes with celtic, folk and blues, Garret cultivates a sound which, like the shifting seasons is at once deep and desolate, warm and inviting. Garrets latest EP was recorded in Edmonton, Alberta in a single room.   Garret performed on all of the instruments used in the recording including violin, bass, drums ukulele, and guitar.  Mixed and Mastered by Stew Kirkwood at Sound Extractor Studios.

Instagram: @rendersmusic


Tickets available on Eventbrite.

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