A bit about us ...

 Jackie Coffin

Paint by Music, founder Jackie Coffin

Jackie has been taking classes with Empowerment Now! for the past 8 years. She has a diploma in Bio-Energy Medicine, Sentient Arts / Psycho-Energetic Therapy, a certificate in Non-Verbal Communications and Intuitive Development. She is currently taking classes in Emotional Energetics, learning how to develop and teach emotional awareness. Jackie also has a Business Degree from the University of Alberta focusing on Marketing. She spent the beginning of her career working in the event planning and communications field for the MS Society, City of Edmonton and Alberta Emerald Foundation.


Jackie currently offers workshops and private sessions through her business Emotions and Me, which supports people of all ages in developing Emotional Awareness. She's excited to be using her background in event planning, combined with her new skills in art therapy and emotional energetics, to be offering Paint by Music in partnership with Colleen Knight and Seeing Beyond.

"Painting has become a really enjoyable activity for me in the past few years. It helps me reduce stress, release pent up emotions and is a lot of fun. Music moves us all and I love listening to all types of music. I'm excited to see how the combination of music and painting inspires others."

Colleen Knight

Paint by Music, founder Colleen Knight

Colleen has been with Empowerment Now! for over 10 years. She has a diploma in Sentient Arts / Psycho-Energetic Therapy, Intuitive Development and a certificate in Non-Verbal Communications. She is currently taking classes in Group Energy Dynamics, learning how to interpret the subconscious dynamics of group interactions through assessing the Non-Verbal Communications and Body Language of those within the group. In addition to her training at Empowerment Now!, Colleen also has a B.Sc. as well as diplomas in Graphic Design and 3D Modeling/Animation. 

Currently, Colleen works as a Non-Verbal Group Energy Consultant through her business Seeing Beyond, working with businesses and corporations to assist them in understanding the group dynamics between the management, supervisors, employees, and customers. Paint by Music is an exciting new concept that combines emotional awareness and art therapy with the inspirational power of music. Colleen is thrilled to be a part of this joint venture along side Jackie Coffin and Emotions and Me.

"Music impacts us in so many ways. No matter what genre a person is drawn to, music inspires us, comforts us, motivates us. Paint by Music is a unique experience that allows us to visually express how music makes us feel. And lets face it ... it's also a lot of fun too!"